January 28, 2016

about vive

Creating New Possibilities in Crop Protection

  • At Vive, we are committed to developing products and technologies which increase farm efficiency & productivity, as well as reducing the environmental impact pesticide applications have on our world.
  • We create new ways to use trusted products using our targeted AllosperseTM delivery system, which improves the targeting and performance of pesticide active ingredients. This helps farmers do more with less, reducing the burden that agricultural practices have on the environment, all while increasing crop quality and yields.
  • Our experienced and flexible management team has been working together in the agriculture industry since 2009. We are open to new ways of doing business and use innovative solutions to readily unlock new possibilities for our customers.

Company History

Vive Crop Protection was founded out of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto in 2006 by Prof. M. Cynthia Goh, (current member of the Scientific Advisory Board) and co-developers of the company’s technology, Dr. Darren Anderson, Dr. Jordan Dinglasan, Dr. Jane Goh, Dr. Richard Loo and Dr. Gwynn Curran-Sills. Dr. Anderson is the President and was previously the Chief Technology Officer at Vive. Dr. Dinglasan developed the company’s core technology and is currently Vive’s Product Development Manager.

Vive has received continuous funding since its inception from private investors, NSERC, the Ontario Centres of Excellence’s Accelerator Fund, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, and the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation’s Innovation Demonstration Fund.

Numerous awards including Highly Commended for Best Formulation Innovation, Agrow Awards; Best Cleantech award, New York Venture Summit, Once of Canada’s Green 15 leading green technology companies, Deloitte; Responsible Care Performance Award, American Chemistry Council; North American Technology of the Year award for encapsulation technology, Frost & Sullivan.

Simple Small

It’s all about the delivery. Using simple, small polymer particles as part of the AllosperseTM delivery system, Vive Crop Protection puts pesticides on target. Farmers see improved performance, greater sustainability, and save time and money. The Allosperse delivery system creates new possibilities in crop protection.