January 28, 2016


Research and Development / Quality Control Laboratories

Located in the heart of Toronto’s Discovery District, our world-class formulation team develops new and innovative crop protection products, creating new possibilities for growers. Our R&D labs include a full suite of analytical equipment capable of ensuring excellent product stability and characteristics, as well as scale-up manufacturing for pilot production runs.

Biological Testing

In Guelph, ON, our biological testing team conducts extensive testing of our products. We use a range of different insect, weed, and disease models and have several insect colonies available in-house. Also based in Guelph, ON, our field development team contracts field trials around the world with independent third-party researchers. To date, we have conducted over 100 field trials on our products in 10 different countries.

Commercial AllosperseTM Production

Our Allosperse production plant was commissioned in 2015 and is housed at the facilities of our partner company, Halltech Inc. in Scarborough, ON. We can produce Allosperse round-the-clock to meet customer needs. Our on-site analytical facilities monitor production quality during operation, with in-depth batch certification conducted by our Quality Control facility in Toronto.

Corporate Offices & Support

Vive’s corporate offices are located near Toronto’s commercial district on Bay St. in downtown Toronto.