August 22, 2016



Allosperse™ Delivery System

The Allosperse Delivery System makes best in class products possible. Built into the container, Allosperse™ enhances proven, trusted products so that they can be used in new ways.


Better mixing of the best products. Whether it's mixing with starter fertilizer, your post-emergent herbicide, or hard water, products built with the Allosperse Delivery System have you covered.


We use the Allosperse Delivery System to precisely design products for how they are going to be used. That means best-in-class performance for your in-furrow and foliar products.


Products that can be applied when you need them. AZteroid™ and Bifender™ are excellent products for at-plant use, and Fenstro™ is the first combination strobilurin + pyrethroid for simultaneous control of disease and insects in beans and potatoes.


How is a farm like a human body?

Allosperse Delivery System uses polymer “shuttles” to carry a crop protection chemical where it needs to go. The shuttles also control how a chemical mixes with fertilizer in the tank and how it interacts with the soil once it’s applied.

It's just like when you take a medication - you want that medication to go straight to the problem. If you’re taking something for your heart, you don’t want it to cause side effects in your joints. Allosperse works in a similar manner – the polymer shuttles are designed to carry the chemical directly to the targeted area on your farm.

The Allosperse polymer shuttles are adjusted to be compatible with a specific fungicide, insecticide, or the like on the inside, just as a car can contain different passengers. The outside of the polymer is then tuned to be directed to a specific location, much like how a car transports people to school, to church or the grocery store. The outside is also designed to help products mix with each other and with other tank-mix partners.

The technology can be readily applied across multiple crops and/or active ingredients, creating products that growers need but don't currently have. Vive's first products are AZteroid FC, Bifender FC, and Fenstro FC, but there is a deep pipeline of products under development.