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Vive's Line of Fertilizer Compatible (FC) Products

AZteroid® FC

AZteroid FC is the first fungicide tank mixable with liquid fertilizer using the Allosperse® delivery system. AZteroid FC controls important diseases in a wide range of crops using azoxystrobin. It improves efficiency and maximizes yield in a worry-free, convenient, and easy-to-use product.

Bifender® FC

Bifender FC insecticide contains bifenthrin, for control of below-ground insects including corn rootworm and wireworm. It has best-in-class fertilizer compatibility and is a hassle-free way to create a ‘no chew zone’ around the growing seed and seedling.

Fenstro® FC

Fenstro FC uses Vive’s proprietary Allosperse delivery system to combine bifenthrin, an excellent broad-spectrum insecticide, with azoxystrobin, a market-leading fungicide in one convenient foliar application.

Our Mission

At Vive, we’re changing agriculture. Our Allosperse® delivery system means trusted crop protection products can be used in new ways, making farms more productive and sustainable.

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