Vive has developed a rate calculator to help you determine what rates to use and volumes you'll need for your applications on corn, soybean, sugar beets and potatoes*.

The return on investment calculator can help you determine if our products are a good fit for you.

*Rates may vary by insect/disease. Please consult label for complete rate recommendations.



2015-2016 AZteroid Field Data 2016 Sugar Beet Field Result Summary 2016 Hickson-ND Sugar Beet Field Trial 2016 Kragnes-MN Sugar Beet Field Trial 2016 Packwood-IA Corn In-Furrow Harvest AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Winthrop-MN-Dekalb) AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Winthrop-MN-Channel) AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Stewart-MN-Pioneer) AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Stewart-MN-Golden Harvest) AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Renville-MN) AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Lake Wilson-MN) AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Granite Falls-MN) AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Carman-IL-Corn on Soybean) AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Carman-IL-Corn on Corn) AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Ainsworth-IA) AZteroid 2016 Corn In-Furrow(Westfield-NE) 2016 AZteroid Potato Trial Analysis AZteroid 2016 Potato In-Furrow(Abbotsford-BC) AZteroid 2016 Potato In-Furrow(New Glasgow-PEI) AZteroid 2016 Potato In-Furrow(Oregan-WI) AZteroid 2016 Potato In-Furrow(Paynesville-MN) AZteroid 2016 Potato In-Furrow(Central Square-NY) AZteroid 2016 Potato In-Furrow(Bonners Ferry-ID-Site #1) AZteroid 2016 Potato In-Furrow(Bonners Ferry-ID-Site #2) AZteroid 2015 Corn Foliar(Cheneyville-LA) AZteroid 2015 Corn Foliar(Frankfort-IN) AZteroid 2015 Corn Foliar(Germansville-PA) AZteroid 2015 Corn Foliar(Rockwood-IL) AZteroid 2015 Corn Foliar(Wyoming-IL) AZteroid 2015 Corn In-Furrow(Carlyle-IL) AZteroid 2015 Corn In-Furrow(Cheneyville-LA) AZteroid 2015 Corn In-Furrow(Frankfort-IN) AZteroid 2015 Corn In-Furrow(Jefferson-IA) AZteroid 2015 Corn In-Furrow(Marissa-IL) AZteroid 2015 Corn In-furrow(Mason-IL) AZteroid 2015 Corn In-Furrow(Wyoming-IL) AZteroid 2015 Soybean Foliar(Central Square-NY) AZteroid 2015 Soybean Foliar(Frankfort-IN) AZteroid 2015 Soybean Foliar(Germansville-PA) AZteroid 2015 Soybean Foliar(Mason-IL) AZteroid 2015 Soybean In-Furrow(Carlyle-IN) AZteroid 2015 Soybean In-Furrow(Frankfort-IN) AZteroid 2015 Soybean In-Furrow(Jefferson-IA) AZteroid 2015 Soybean In-Furrow(Rockwood-IL) AZteroid 2015 Soybean In-Furrow(Wyoming-IL)


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AZteroid Jar Test

Conducting a jar test with Azteroid Fungicide and 10.34.0 liquid fertilizer.


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AZteroid Webinar

To learn about the advantages of using AZteroid fungicide as well as an overview of our 2015 field program, watch this.


Important: Always read and follow label instructions before buying or using Vive Crop Protection, Inc. products. The instructions contain important conditions of sale, including limitations of warranty and remedy. AZteroid and the Vive Crop Protection logo are trademarks of Vive Crop Protection.